It's time to open Maine's primaries!

Maine’s closed primary law denies 35% of voters who are unenrolled the right to vote in taxpayer-funded elections that decide 70% of state legislative races. That’s why 80% of Maine voters support adopting semi-open primaries, and it’s why lawmakers in 36 states have already opened their primaries to unenrolled voters.

The mission of Open Primaries Maine is to advocate for opening Maine’s primary elections to unenrolled voters.

The 129th Maine Legislature is considering LD 211, "An Act To Open Maine's Primaries and Permit Unenrolled Voters To Cast Ballots in Primary Elections." Click here to read the bill. Open Primaries Maine is advocating for passage of this legislation, and we invite supporters to contact their legislators in support of this reform to help us fix a broken political system.

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